Golf players’ training

Greens Golf-Lab

Is a tailor-made program designed for the athletic preparation of golfers who want to improve their performance in the game.

Greens Golf-Lab was founded by Giacomo Fabris, a passionate golfer, and Filippo Ercolino, graduated in Physical Science, sports trainer, massotherapist, owner of Ki Sport and Kinesis, two of the best boutique fitness studios and medical therapist centers of the Venice Region.

Thanks to its solid experience in personal fitness programs and thanks to the use of modern equipment, specifically designed for golf players’ training, Greens-Golf Lab aims to increase the articular flexibility and the capacity to tolerate an extended physical strain, key qualities for a golfer.

Both amateur and professional golf players generally recognize the importance of being well trained and in an optimal physical condition, since it is an essential element for a performing swing and it helps reducing the risk of injury.

Filippo Ercolino

Certified sports trainer

• Graduation in Physical Science at the University of Ferrara
• Specialization in Sport Physical Therapy at the University of Chieti
• Diploma of massotherapist at the Enrico Fermi Institute of Perugia
• Certified sports trainer and a coach for the Italian Federation of Rugby.
• Participation to the ”Your Golf Fingerprint“ seminar directed by Mr. Sean Foley and Mr. Craig Davies at Golf Club Montecchia, July 2014
• TPI Level 1 Course at the Titleist Performance Institute in Paris, Sept. 2014
• auditor in the Golf Clinic on golf swing analysis with 3D technology directed by doctor Robert Neal at Golf Club Padova, Oct. 2014.

Thanks to the above learning experiences, Greens-Golf Lab has developed its own concept (called ”Golf Postural Swing Method“) consisting in a careful postural analysis of the golf player aimed at assessing his physical condition in order to create the right sports training program for each golfer.

In sum, Greens-Golf Lab is intended to be the most advanced athletic preparation program for golfers in the Venice region.